Nikia Dx manages each business challenge as if it were a seedling in an ecosystem destined to be met with experience, expertise, resources and a thoughtful plan of action. This approach has led to successes for all participants in our ecosystem.


NIkia Dx’ credo is that all participants in our Ecosystem must succeed.

Our engagement philosophy is founded on the principle of active listening. We begin every opportunity with an active discovery session to really isolate the challenge before we even consider proposing a solution. Our team are experts in a multitude of business management disciplines that are required to successfully deliver enterprise-grade transformation. Nikia Dx always starts by understanding the objectives of each Stakeholder in the challenge.

We then work with each Stakeholder to define the success metrics for each constituent. We develop our integrated transformation plan together creating a shared purpose and understanding of Success.

The final phase of our process is to deliver flawlessly. Nikia Dx expertly executes the delivery plan. Our experienced team of professionals manage the entire delivery life cycle ensuring that all the variables that impact success are addressed.

Nikia Dx constantly strives to perfect our delivery capabilities to deliver 100% of our commitment, every single time.

Connect with us to explore whether together we can solve your digital interaction & customer engagement challenge and add your company to our growing Ecosystem of successes.

Innovation Provider –

The Challenge

  • As a well-established South African fintech, InfoSlips sought a trusted business company to partner with to strategically enter into the North American marketplace.

Our Success

  • InfoSlips found and partnered with Nikia Dx to create their presence in North America and transform the digital communications Ecosystem with their innovation in digital interaction & customer engagement solutions.

Institutional Customer –
Auto Finance Company

The Challenge

  • The auto finance division of a leading global automotive company needed to improve & enhance their monthly statements to their dealerships throughout North America.

Our Success

  • This auto finance company partnered with Nikia Dx and our Innovation Provider – InfoSlips to transform & modernize their paper-based dealership statements into an engaging digital communications platform creating resulting in enhanced value to both the auto finance company and their dealership ecosystem.

Strategic Partner –
Core Banking & Business Services Provider

The Challenge

  • The Core Banking & Business Services Provider’s strategy was to continue evolving their already valuable business services to deliver a new transformational digital communications platform to exceed the expectations of their existing customers and new prospects.

Our Success

  • The Core Banking & Business Services Provider partnered with Nikia Dx to build a new digital communications and document delivery platform as their response to their customers and prospects.