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Nikia Dx Group

Nikia Dx’s mission is to help companies create new value through innovations in digital interactions & customer engagement.

Nikia Dx was founded in 2017 with a clear purpose which is to create an Ecosystem that enables the curation and delivery of digital interactions & customer engagement innovations to the corporate marketplace.

Our founders built their professional careers leading and managing within many of the Fortune 500 companies. That experience allows us to understand the challenges faced by business executives who have a mandate to create the corporate culture of innovation and continuous improvement. The type of culture and service environment is increasingly being demanded by customers, employees, the community and the company shareholders. We have successfully delivered results in these demanding environments. We have modeled Nikia Dx based on the most successful aspects of those experiences.

Nikia Dx is purposefully designed as an Ecosystem of innovation & transformation. It is comprised of 3 distinct stakeholder groups:

  • Innovation Providers → Creators, developers and designers of Digital Integrations & Customer Engagement solutions
  • Strategic Partners → Companies focused on extending their own solution offerings by partnering through Nikia Dx to access our Innovation Providers
  • Institutional Customers → Companies and institutions searching for solutions that will address their customers’ and employees’ digital engagement expectations.

There are a set of common challenges that every progressive organization has to resolve.

  • How to create a best-of-breed environment that is continuously evolving to exceed customer expectations.
  • How to maintain focus on the company’s core services and effectively partner to introduce new capabilities.
  • Where new innovations are available, assess whether the solutions are properly vetted, reliable and can be integrated into the company’s environment with minimal disruption to the core business.
  • Determine how to isolate and measure the impact of the new innovation in clear and succinct terms.

The Solution = Nikia Dx

  • Global Curation of new digital innovations
  • Rigorous Vetting of the solutions to confirm that they are enterprise-grade solutions
  • Business Development support to connect the innovations with the target market
  • Integration and Operations support to deliver the solution to the corporate marketplace
  • Business Management to extract the maximum amount of value from the solution over time

Nikia Dx has created an Ecosystem where all participants benefit. We created a culture within the Ecosystem of collaboration, cross-pollination, co-operation, competition and community.

Our only key metric is the success of the partners within our Ecosystem and we deliver on that promise 100%.

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