DxEcosystems has developed a methodology for managing the objectives of all our Ecosystem participants. Our approach and actions ensure that each stakeholder’s objectives are clearly understood and incorporated into the execution plan. We work collaboratively to ensure that all participants receive the care and attention that they need to be successful. As we introduce new stakeholders into our Ecosystem, we determine an action plan for that stakeholder company to be successful.


To help companies
create new value
through innovation in
digital interactions & customer engagement.




The DxEcosystems service model design addresses the transformation lifecycle that has frustrated major transformation programs and initiatives over the past few decades. Our team is comprised of change leaders and transformation delivery specialists who have experienced the challenges of identifying the challenges, sourcing viable alternatives, selecting the right option, and integrating the solution. The entire lifecycle has to be managed in a dynamic environment which requires expertise & excellence to be successful. DxEcosystems’ team members have performed these activities successfully for decades. We focus on deploying a solution into production and then managing the asset to deliver the best possible return on the investment.

Those real challenges and experiences were the genesis of the DxEcosystems service model which we developed to address the 5 key areas common to every transformation initiative.

1)  Global Curation
2)  Rigorous Vetting
3)  Virtualized Business Development
4)  Virtualized Integration & Operations
5)  Virtualized Business Management


DxEcosystems has a network of listening posts throughout the world, uncovering digital interaction & customer engagement solutions. In 2016, there was reported to be on average 2,000 new fintechs launched every year creating a fertile environment to find the next game-changing technology.

Our methodology allows our expert team to curate leading solutions:

  • Research the latest digital interactions & customer engagement innovations from around the world
  • Attract new innovations in digital customer engagement


Finding the “best of class” innovations in digital interactions & customer engagement is the first of many steps that our team at DxEcosystems take to understand the solution and connect it to real world business challenges. Our evaluation team performs a comprehensive review of the Innovation Provider company to understand the entire solution lifecycle and make a determination about its ultimate viability to meet the demands of our Strategic Partners and Institutional Customers.

Our process of evaluation focuses on the elements that a world-class company would demand from their solution provider of choice.

  • Evaluations of each solution is based on the following primary dimensions:
    • People – all aspects of the organization from leadership to service delivery & support
    • Process – rigorous evaluation of the delivery methodology and supporting artifacts
    • Technology – scalability of the solution and the application of the very latest architectural principles
    • Readiness – ability to manage and support their existing and prospective customers
    • Strategy & Leadership – the capabilities of the Executive and Management team to handle the business affairs


The DxEcosystems’ business development team is comprised of successful over-achievers in sales and marketplace development trained by some of the global leaders in financial services, technology services, business transformation and software-as-a-service solutions deployment. Our team understands the business value of technology solutions and work in concert with the Innovation Providers to clearly define the value proposition of their solution and connect that solution with a targeted business challenge.

Our team works closely with the Innovation Providers sales and product support teams to develop and execute a market plan. DxEcosystems provides the following support:

  • Go-to-market and business development programs with our Innovation Providers & Strategic Partners
  • Provide Virtual Chief Revenue/ Business Development Officer services


Once a challenge is isolated and the solution identified, the next important step is to develop and execute a pragmatic plan of action. DxEcosystems’ team of operations and service delivery experts lead the development of a project plan to integrate the new solution with quality and expediency. Our team’s vast experience and refined methodologies for successfully delivering enterprise projects is the critical success factor in the DxEcosystems business model.

Our methodology manages all aspects of the project lifecycle including risks and potential issues while mitigating delays and budget overages. This is achieved through a disciplined, integrated delivery methodology focusing on the following aspects of integration & operations:

  • Infusing robust enterprise program management practices into the solution delivery
  • Providing Virtual Chief Operations Officer Services
  • Providing Virtual Enterprise Program Management Services


To insure that the solutions we help integrate produce the desired outcomes over time, DxEcosystems continues to be engaged with each production deployment. Our intention is to provide ongoing assistance to the customer helping them maximize the return on their investment in the digital interaction & customer engagement solution.

DxEcosystems works with the solution team to determine how best to provide the right level of post-integration support by addressing the following aspects of each deployment:

  • Management of the entire program/ project lifecycle
  • Providing post-production relationship management services
  • Providing on-going continuous improvement and value maximization services