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Who We Are

Nikia Dx (Dx = Digital Transformation) is focused on realizing the promise of customer engagement through digitization. Our team is effectively delivering strategic transformation in every business sector, unlocking assets and creating business value for more than 30 years. Nikia Dx is your connection to an Ecosystem of Innovation.

We deliver Innovation & Transformation as-a Service.

What We Do

Nikia Dx’ mandate is to globally curate the best disruptive innovations in the area of customer engagement. We work closely with those Innovation Providers’ executive teams, assisting in maturing customer engagement solutions and then connecting these innovations with institutions needing transformational competitive advantage.

Institutions that are not innovating and leveraging new technology face an increasingly troubled future.

Why It Matters

Institutions are under constant pressure to meet the expectations of their most valued clients. The larger and more established institutions are constantly challenged to find the right balance between systems of record and building new systems of engagement with their valued customers. Nikia Dx’ Innovation Providers bridge that gap.

Nikia Dx is the hedge against an uncertain future!

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